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best matcha
Dubbed the ‘Champagne’ of Matchas’ this USDA Certified Organic matcha has a flavour that leaves other matchas green with envy
— Robin
only matcha i recommend
It’s the only matcha that I recommend to friends and family
I'm in love with this matcha
I am completely in love with this product. The packaging, the taste, everything was on point. I have gotten everyone in my family hooked. I have used it for ice cream, hot tea, an iced latte. Phenomenal. I am blown away. I have never tried anything that boosted my mood and energy so quickly. The shipping process went smoothly. Matcha Ninja really nailed it.
— Rachelle Reynolds
best matcha i have ever tried
I was skeptical about the servings but there is a looooot of matcha in this bag. Really high quality and the shipping was incredibly fast. It is probably the best matcha I have ever tried.
— Kristi Hudon
This matcha tea is amazing
This matcha tea is amazing! I’ve been drinking it every day, and I love how it’s convenient to quickly make it to take on the go. I will definitely be repurchasing when I run out.
— Siobhan
awesome matcha
I used to drink 3-4 cups of coffee every day. But it was making me feel terrible. I wanted to drink more tea and decided to try this brand based on all the awesome reviews. I’m so glad I did! It tastes great and I feel good after drinking it. It’s really good hot or cold! I’m so happy with this tea! I bought the packets last month and got the bigger bag this time. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be back for more!
— Laura
i love this matcha
I LOVE this Matcha Green Tea! Plus the individual packets are perfect for on-the-go or to store at my desk at work! Will be ordering again!
— Melissa
delicious matcha
The matcha is delicious and dissolves easily (with a little shake) in my swell bottle. Love that I can take it to work and have a healthy afternoon pick up!
— Andrew Savarin



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