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100% Organic Matcha

100% organic

Each batch of Matcha Ninja is fully certified organic. We certify each batch of our matcha to USA, Canadian, and EU standards with ECOCERT and CERES, two of the largest and most well renowned organic certification organizations in the world.

Our National Organic Program certification validates our operation fully compliant with the US National Organic Program (NOP). Matcha Ninja also produces Transaction Certificates (TC) for each batch of matcha which guarantees traceability and organic security of each specific batch made.

Certified matcha

Independent Lab Analysis

We have each batch of our matcha independently tested for heavy metals and pesticides by Eurofins laboratories, the world leader in food, pharma and environmental laboratory testing and the market leader in agroscience, genomics and product testing services with facilities all over the world.

Unfortunately, sometimes simply choosing an organic matcha these days is not enough. Many farms are exposed to industrial pollution because of their geographic location. Although we source from a high altitude pristine location, we still check every batch and we will never compromise on quality.

High levels of not only lead but other potentially dangerous metals are found in lesser quality matcha. We test for lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, and all pesticides. The labs produce Certificates of Analysis for both pesticides and heavy metals on each batch of our matcha. 

Pure matcha

Grade + Purity

Matcha Ninja is a first harvest ceremonial grade matcha. This is the highest grade of matcha, fit for traditional tea ceremonies.

We only use the leaves in the first tea harvest of the Spring to produce our matcha. We then pick the baby tencha from the top of the plant to produce the sweetest flavour.

Finally, we de-stem the centre vein and stem of each leaf to take away the bitter taste associated with lesser quality matcha.

Many matcha companies (specifically instant matcha blends) add corn starch or other fibres to make their matcha non-clumping. There are no non-organic ingredients in Matcha Ninja. It's just 100% pure matcha. 

Radiation free matcha

No Radiation

A concern that developed from us and our consumers,  was the possibility of radiation contamination of Japanese tea leaves due to the Fukishima disaster. The tea plant, called the camilia sinsnus, is like a sponge and heavily absorbs whatever is in its environment. This, coupled with the fact that with Matcha you are consuming the tea by actually ingesting the whole leaf, it's extremely important that you are drinking good quality matcha. Every pouch of Matcha Ninja is free of radiation.



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organic matcha


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